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Learn what combination of intrinsic characteristics and learned skills produce highly motivated and trainable attorneys who have the potential to take firms to the next level.

Write.Law—the writing, tech, and practice skills training platform, and Suited—the AI-predictive recruiting network, have partnered to bring together two areas that are central to the progression and modernization of the legal industry: AI-recruiting techniques and legal skills training.

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Why those who do not attend elite law schools can be just as successful in their jobs as those that do.

How upskilling can be the great equalizer for all candidates who possess the innate skills to succeed.

What percentage of private and public legal teams rate that recent law graduates are “significantly lacking” in key skill areas?

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Is there a statistical significance in performance outcomes between attorneys who attended elite law schools and those who did not?

How many of the 20 skills most valued by practitioners are taught in standard law school curriculum?

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Learn how to predict potential.

What traits can signal positive long-term performance outcomes, including those that may make candidates a better fit for upskilling.

How to have a more holistic view when making talent decisions.

How to discover and cultivate high-performing attorneys.